Gratitude according to the ‘Best Seller’

Gratitude is an expression of appreciation of what one has. If we are grateful for what we already have then we are creating room for more. It’s a case of half full not half empty. We are not to focus on what we don’t have but on what we already have. So in a way we are counting our blessing and not recounting our woes.

Gratitude is saying thank you for what you believe you have received. This is actually a higher level of faith as you have not seen physically but have already acknowledged receipt and saying thank you for it. Regardless of what you see physically, you are saying thank you!

So what does the BIBLE (basic information before leaving earth) has to say about gratitude, a lot.

Gratitude is more than verbal expression, it  requires action. If we believe we have something in our possession,

we will act accordingly.

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