Monthly Archives: December 2013

Count it all Joy

‘Count  it  all joy when you fall into various trials or temptations, knowing that the testing of your faith produces patience’. James 1:2 It goes on to state that patience produces maturity and contentment.

This is another challenging verse. Our natural reaction is to be angry, disturbed, upset when bad situations arise.

If I lose my job, I should count it all joy? This requires a high level of thinking or maturity .

I thought I’m supposed to avoid difficult situations or cause people who bring such situations into my life. The answer is not avoiding situations or feeling bad when they occur but in asking for the grace to accept such situations as opportunity for growth and development of character.

I will fight for you

‘You will not need to fight in this battle, take your position, stand still  and see the deliverance of the Lord’ 2 Chronicles 20:17. ‘Fear not, be not dismayed. Go out against them.’

What battles are you facing?  What fears are you reluctant to voice out but is slowly eating you up?  Remember the definition of FEAR is false evidence appearing real.

If there is an impending  battle and a man of war tells you to position yourself but you will not to fight, what would you be worried about?

Can you imagine turning up for battle with not battle gear but with singers. Yes singers  on the battlefield.

This can only happen because you believe you believe the fight is not yours to fight.

If you believe, now, give thanks even as you find yourself in the midst of your battlefield!

I receive hence I’m grateful

Should I also be grateful when I have not received?

The answer is clearly yes. I am expectant therefore I am saying thank you for that which I am expecting.

‘Expectation is the mother of manifestations’ as the saying goes.

As the scriptures says ‘as they have spoken, so i will perform’.  If we grumble and continually live on grumble alley, we will the eat the fruit of it.

Isaiah 57:19  ‘I create the fruit of the lips’

If we are rejoicing and expectant, even if the exact thing you are expecting doesn’t show up, something better may be in store for which your gratitude would be well worth it.